Time to React!


So, I’ve been wanting to learn React for a while now, but I’ve been so focused on learning Angular for the past few months, busy with rehab, planning a baby shower, and planning our wedding… phew!! But I’ve decided it’s going to happen now! So in my teensy bit of

free time, I’m working through some tutorials on Codecademy and I’m pretty excited!

For me, the trick to learning any new language or framework is to make time to spend on it a few times a week. If I spread out the learning too much, I have to review all the earlier lessons because I’ve forgotten everything already… but even if I just work on the tutorials for an hour, say, 3 or more times a week, it’s way easier to start remembering things! The key is to make it part of your schedule. Sometimes I’ll use my hour lunch break to do just that, so when I get home in the evening, I can relax and stop staring at a computer 😛

The other trick that helps is if you can set up an actual live project on your own. These online, free or cheap tutorials are awesome, but they aren’t quite the same practicing in the browser as it is working locally on your desktop and going through the full process.

I know I get a bit stressed if I have to do all my learning for real client-projects on the clock, because I don’t want to waste time and money, so it’s great to have those practice projects in your free time that you can take your time with and not worry about causing any great disasters!