Minor Project: References


Cortez, Cheryl. (2012, May) How to Differentiate Salsa vs. Merengue. Retrieved from Authur Murray: http://www.arthurmurraydc.com/the-ballroom-dancing-lessons-blog/bid/141837/How-to-Differentiate-Salsa-Dancing-vs-Merengue

I used an image from this website.

Couch, Jesse. (2013, November) Responsive CSS3 Lightbox with No Javascript. Retrieved from: http://www.designcouch.com/home/why/2013/11/01/responsive-css3-lightbox-with-no-javascript/

I used this website to learn how to create a pure-css lightbox function throughout my website.

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Portfolio Proposal

Sunny-Side Up

Course Objectives

For the remaining time here at Media Design School, I wish to continue learning the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary for a successful and enjoyable career as an interactive designer. I want to continue learning WordPress, jQuery, and become a master at HTML and CSS. I want to focus primarily on front end development but also on UI and UX design.

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