Minor Project Reflection


1. Did you achieve what you planned and if not why not?

Yes, I think that I achieved most of what I set out the achieve, although I have a much clearer idea of what I would have done/could have done better/what I wish I had thought of including in the process now that I’ve done a website like this one. I wanted to create a website that is more interactive, modern in design and layout, and that simplifies the content to a more manageable size than the original website. While I do have plans to continue adding more content, incorporate an instagram account, a registration page, do more user-testing, etc, I think that this website is at a good place in regards to including the most essential functions and content. I also felt it was very important to make the website responsive as I know personally that there have been times where I wanted to use the studio website on my phone and found it to be very tricky to navigate/load.

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