Learning AngularJS 2

So, we’re starting a massive new project at work and they’ve decided that will be using AngularJS 2, which is completely new to me. Where did I turn to? How am I learning?

I’ve used and really enjoyed the tutorials on Code School, especially with their fun intro videos, quizes, and point system, although at this time, they only have one course on NG2, called Accelerating Through Angular 2. Nonetheless, I’ve powered my way through it as it’s a great introduction to the world of NG2.

Another great resource, and way more in-depth I might add, is ng-book 2. There are a couple options when it comes to purchasing this, but I opted for the one that includes some real examples of actual AngularJS 2 projects, components and all. It also includes video tutorials to walk you through the projects, although if you’re a Windows user, you might find yourself doing a bit of research as you go since the instruction is given for Mac users. Also, keep abreast of updates as NG2 is being updated frequently.