CSSConfAU 2018

Recently, I had the privilege of being part of CSSConfAU, JSConfAU, and DecompressAU 2018. It was honestly an incredibly amazing week, being surrounded by such a welcoming community of Front End Developers and inspired each day by brilliant speakers. While there are many things that I want to learn more about, I thought I’d include a few things I worked on at Decompress.

I felt inspired by Mandy Michael’s talk at CSSConfAU, and then heard her talk again at a Meetup in Melbourne later in the week. So of course, I had to attend her workshop and see first hand how she creates magic with typography and CSS. Who knew these Photoshop-like styles were possible using just CSS??? AH-mazing!

Fancy a fun, layer font?

How about a bit of ying and yang with your layout?

Feel like flying away on a font with a view?

You can find a few more layered font styles on my CodePen page… And you want to know the best part about these layered fonts? They’re accessible, clickable, searchable, etc. These font’s have flavor, fun, AND practicality all bundled up into one, light-weight package! Perfect 🙂