So here’s a sneak peek at the wireframes for my new project! Pretty excited about this one! I started out with some initial sketches and wanted to do a live style guide, so I began using a style guide boilerplate but it included a lot of things that I wasn’t sure I would even need in my website, so I decided to play around a bit more in Balsamiq to get a better feel of it.

I want to incorporate color schemes and concepts from Material Design into this project because I think it would suit it well. The idea of having a color scheme for each subject helps the child identify what topic they are choosing even if they aren’t confident readers yet. I also want to use fun, interactive icons and images throughout the site in a way that will delight, not overwhelm the user in a useful way. Well! Back to working on mock-ups in Photoshop for now 🙂 Thanks for reading along!